Our Recipes 

Delicious meats of the Sierra de Cadiz, chosen for you to enjoy each tasty snack.

-Coverage baby

from the mountains

- Suckling lamb


-Iberian prey

-Iberian sirloin

Meat selection

Fish Seafood

Mushroom season

When the season of Mushrooms arrives in the Mountain range, we love to be able to offer to our clients different alternatives elaborated with this delicacy.

-In scrambled


-With foie

-With Cod

-With Iberian dam

You do not need to be on the coast to taste a good fresh fish, prepared with the intention of enjoying all its flavor.






Loren Restaurant

since 1994.

We dedicate all our effort and perseverance so that the client feels satisfied with the product received, in the same way we are proud of the treatment received by our customers.

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Accompany your meal with one of the selected wines from our cellar.

Try our dishes made with products from the Sierra.





Winery Products of the Sierra